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August 10, 2006



thanks for trying though:)


Thanks for this one, Tad. I had always wondered about the timing of animation and I guess I never considered the editing part. I always assumed the flow was handled in the actual production (which it mostly is but editing helps improve the flow). Very interesting stuff.

Now, about that piece of crap...

Steven E Gordon

A good Avid editor is a wonderful thing. We ended up cutting and pasting mouths, varispeeding motion and splitting screens and all other types of wonderous effects that even if we had called retakes we're not sure we would've gotten back the way we wanted them.


I've been in animation long enough to have edited my first shows on FILM. It's amazing what can be done digitally on a tabletop. Every once in awhile I flash back and realize that most of what I do in the editing bay wouldn't have been an option back then.

Rick Cortes.

Name check! :)

Steven E Gordon

Hey I remember what a big innovation the KEM was!! We all thought things couldn't get more hi-tech!

I actually really enjoyed manipulating the film in AVID - I felt like I was animating again...sort of.


In those dvd extras include some of the original folk lore that inspired the Hellboy stories.


I know it's off subject but thought I would drop an FYI. Animation Magazines latest issues just came out and has a two page spread on comics and animation with almost half of the article being quoted from Mr. Tad Stones. Not to mention a shot of Hellboy. ALso the latest issue of TV Guide has an article on animation and features Hellboy too.

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