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August 18, 2006



Whew...an update at last (a week, I know - not that long).

Floating Japanese heads with green glowing eyes, what more could a fan want?!

And who is this gentleman with Kate? Broom?

And why Nov 28th? Doesn't it have to be done well before that for broadcast in Oct? Or is the finalization of the DVD you speak of, Tad? Is it really three months lead time for DVDs?

Anyhow, thanks for the update.


You are forgetting that there are TWO movies. Footage for the second starts coming in before we've mixed the first.

For an image of Broom you need to search earlier entries.


sounds stressful...to bad we dont live in a world where you can simply snap your fingers and fix something.
the pic are great to...but for some reason their extremely dark...its not the contrast on my comp either...weird...maybe its because im in a shoddy little cafe in argentina...ah well. hopefully all these cool snap shots will be reposted on the official site when its finished


Wow, it's cool to continue to see more and more shots, and more frequent updates.

Yeah, it sounds like things are hectic, but the work will last for years... so I appreciate you working hard to make it something cool for the fans.



Great point about it lasting for years. While we are smothered in flashy, shallow product every day, it is the quality stuff we return to over and over. There is a reason certain things are considered true classics. There are movies that I have gone "wow" over but on second viewing I have found myself mostly bored (King Kong being one recent example). I am hoping that Tad's relentless efforts bring forth a movie we can all enjoy over and over. If not, it is certainly not for trying. But, judging from the sample footage he brought to the SDCC, I suspect I'll be watching it in 2012 still.

And I take it, Tad, that you have to have the second movie completed by Nov. 28th. Or is that simply the date they allow you out for a bath, a decent meal, and a chance to see your family before sequestering you back into the studio?


Yeah really sounds like quality stuff,there Tad really lookking forward to it.

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