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August 30, 2006



Yeah, thanks for the info, you big tease! Mini projects! Surprises for the coming year!

Have fun up north, Tad. I know there are some fans up there that missed SDCC and will be glad to get some Hellboy Goodness in the frozen tundra.

I hope great success for the animated series to keep you in movies for many years to come (I actually prefer the idea of the movies vs a weekly series as I don't think you would be able to put as much into it trying to crank them out so quickly). I know each one is a labor of love and fanboy giddiness. Here's to Hellboy animated movie #117, "Hellboy vs the Mall Security Guards."


I'm just curious, is Hellboy's tail painted Green in that Still, or is that another eel/snake monster?

Have a safe trip to Canada and a great time at the Expo!


Good catch on the tail! As you see, I've corrected it. If you see any merchandise with HB's green tail you'll know that entrepeneur is a go getter and jump right on the newest images to get them to you... and that it bit him on the ass.

Just like that snake seemed to be doing to Hellboy.

David Petersen

I'm gonna miss the animated panel, which means I miss the intro! Damn!

Well, I'll get to see Mike's panel...

See ya soon Tad!


How about some clips or advertisments Tad.

By the way, flawed merchandise tends to be worth more after a few years cause its so hard to come across.


awesome project guys !!!
i'm very impatient to see it on my tv in france.... !!



to the above poster,
Me too I cant wait for it to hit Uk screens and dvd's.
But Im not impatient,Tad Im my opinion you can take all the time you want to get this done as Im sure how ever long its gonna be one hell of a show.


to the above poster,
Me too I cant wait for it to hit Uk screens and dvd's.
But Im not impatient,Tad Im my opinion you can take all the time you want to get this done as Im sure how ever long its gonna be one hell of a show.


hey everybody just thought you might want some insider info on the canadian expo...
I got mike to autograph my screw on head and my right hand of doom tpb
and if your planning on heading over to the fan expo canada on sat or sun check out darkhorses booth for a free hellboy animated poster or key chain..and they had the hellboy animated sculptures of abe and hellboy...
As for seeing mike in person...it was cool, I didnt say much and he didnt say much but i got a photo and my comics signed and im a happy fan now. cant wait to see you sunday tad..hope to see some cool stuff


Glad I could help ^_^


day two
QandA with mike happened today. Some great questions were answered and Mike is a pretty funny guy. It was all very insightful stuff....
He mentioned the second movie, his upcoming vampire project called Baltimore..and the next christopher golden novel..duncan fegredo's ability to draw better them him....plus more.

I also managed to get Tad Stones the one and only to sign my Hellboy animated poster at the darkhorse booth. Well tommorows the last day, I guess ill see you there...


I am so excited about this release and it didn't help that I picked up one of those cute Hellboy Qee keychains a few days ago.

To help myself along, I took the opportunity to make a promo wallpaper with this still for my MacBook. You can peek it here: http://idisk.mac.com/ocortez/Public/Hellboy_Animated-1280.png


darn, i missed meeting you and mike by only 2 days...

i was in toronto for about a week visiting the concept/color artist for my comic 'Sleeping Giant' to discuss some production details.

but right before the anime expo i returned to tokyo. boooo... well, at least im in tokyo! ha.

i would have loved to have met the 2 of you... maybe another time. if either of you ever come to tokyo to check out some of the production work at Madhouse you should let me know, im an expert at giving tours around the city to foreign nerds, haha.

the comic story that im working on is based around Mt Fuji, so ive been doing a lot of research on japanese folklore and landscape as well... it really helps to actually live here... it must be difficult for you guys to research it all and try to translate it into something that isn't too strange for an american audience... because i know how strange japanese folklore and tradition can be (you should have seen me at my first funeral here... it was a disaster!)

anyway... i know you guys are basically finished with the production of this story... if i can be of any help please let me know. i have ties in the comic book/animation industry here, as well as the musical.



well...Nothing too new or exciting was revealed at the hellboy animated seminar in toronto..just bits and pieces.
Tad mentioned abe and liz stuck on an island and facing a big monster...And that they prolonged silence in alot of the solo moments with Hellboy. The second movie also might revolve around vampires.
It looks to me like both films are looking to be just that..films. Tad and Mike are definetely opting for doing the whole short movie thing instead of the weekly cartoon airing stuff if the HB cartoons are successful, which I think is great and it puts the cartoon at a much more mature level of viewing. Cant wait for February 6th


just incase..i linked my art/journal website on this messege (last one had my band's)... and here is my e-mail address... which i guess doesn't display although we type it in the boxes above...



I was looking over the teaser trailer for Storm of Swords...Everything looks great, but there is just one thing that keeps bugging me> That hardcore music that goes along with the whole thing

I've seen the san diego footage and the music in that clip is very cinematic and fitting...so ima wondering...
Is this one of those rapidly thrown together I-need-some-music-last-minute trailers or should we expect to be hearing some hardcore noise in the films? ( which i truly hope wont happen because it degrades the feel of the cartoon and its relationship to the comics )


yeah, about that trailer... i just watched it as well... and as much as i am a fan of hardcore and metal... i dont like the song that they have over the footage.
something symphonic would suit the visuals so much more...
if nothing else, some symphonic black metal without vocals (as was used in the trailer for the Hellboy film by the band Dimmu Borgir)
i also hope that the score will remain symphonic or ambient without rock influence (for the most part).


The score that you heard on the Bat god sequence in San Diego and Toronto was a rough version of the actual score.

I didn't pick the metal music of the teaser. It was something that was picked for impact and pace, just for the teaser.


thats good to hear. Hellboy ( although implying certain connotations ) just doesnt seem to work with the hardcore/satanic influenced music.
Cant wait to hear more. ( of the other film related stuff of course haha )

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