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July 31, 2006



Yay Heads! We knew they were coming but it's fun to finally see a confirming frame, right down to the lady with a fan. I love how dark some of these frames are. Can't wait to see it in action.

Kate looks great too! She looks an appropriate age now.


Im a bit confused though...
The footage shown at Comicon..Is that them in Japan? Because it had the Aztec feel...or are there two locations in one movie?>
Either way, I hope it has the slightly cinematic feel the preview footage had.
Cant wait to see the heads in action


For some reason the 4th one on the left doesn't link to a larger picture like the others. And, oddly enough, it was the first one I went to.

I agree with Maija, Kate looks great.

Working with Dark Horse, eh? Cool stuff coming our way I hope! There's going to be a comic with the DVD, right?


...er, make that 4th on the RIGHT. Had my gloves on and couldn't see the "R" and "L" tattoos.

nick pino

this is so cool seeing all these characters from my favorite comic book come to life in a cartoon movie.now we just gotta see what roger,johann and danio look like


looking good! I really love that most of the actors from the movie are providing the voices!

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jose chessil martinez moreno

I like the screen caps but i wil lake than you post me some screen caps to my e-mail and callme to know when starts the first season of hellboy animated in USA and in Mexico



come again?


Wow, these screen shots are amazing. I can't wait to see this in action. I sure can't wait for the action figure collection to hit the shelves as well! Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us posted.


I can't wait! It looks awesome so far.

Cheap Television

Great screens, got a real nice dark look about it all

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