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July 07, 2006



Gah, I'm like 2 hours away from San Diego. If only I had a car and some extra cash I'd speed down to San Diego and go to that panel, get a poster signed and everything.

That sounds like such a great panel. Too bad I blew all my cash at AX.


Wha..wha...WHAT??!!! TWO hours away and you CAN'T get there??!! I'm 8 hours away and if I could get that ONE friggin' day off I'd be there! Thank god I don't have an AX (?) here to suck away my money. Tough breaks there, lunchbox.

Anyway, all I can say is...D'OH! Would love to listen to the panel, watch the clips, get some swag and autographs, and throw some more support your way, Tad, but alas it is not to be. But, I will be there in spirit, by gum! I hope it is a standing room only show with plenty of "just wanted to see what all the fuss is about" new folks attending.

And, oh yeah...D'OH!


I sort of don't have a car, and therefore can't make it. I waas at Anime Expo last week (AX) where I spent a great deal of my money on random things, so I don't have enough for Comic Con registration.


aweszome..but im not going to be there..so...not so awesome..
il be looking forward to the toronto visitation in september though..maybe mike will bring stuff..I hope
Meantime ill be keeping an eye out for the website...


this is turning out much better than it looked earlier. the animation looks better and less cartoonish than before. i can say that i am pleased with everything, especially the darker themes. cant wait to see it.

Jason C.

Hey Tad- What does Hellboy look like compared to the recent "Amazing Screw-On Head" pilot that is playing on Scifi.com right now?

Even if its 1/2 as badass then youll be really badass.


I think Hellboy is going to look more "polished" next ASOH, from what I can see and read here.

I LOVED what they did with Head. It is very Mignolish. The new Hellboy animated adventures are going for something different, creating a new world for Hellboy to live in and with a new look.

No sense comparing the two, it's like peanut butter and chocolate - each is very different and great on their own and it's also good to enjoy them both together.

Jason C.

Oh yeah dont get me wrong im looking forward to Hellboy.


Sorry folks. I must have toggled the switch that notified me of comments. Not that I have much to add.

As to what the movies will look like, go back to the early posts and scan through the pictures. You'll also learn that it was part of the deal NOT to look like Mignola. Having said that, I've edited the first sequence and it is indeed badass.

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