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July 04, 2006



PS - the hand is by Gary Bolt and is part of his collection.


That is one cool hand.

I see what you mean about it not being about the fans, Tad. A point that many fans ignore when they rant about how a movie deviates from a comic even though the artistic license used is often to make the film more broad in appeal. There are just not enough fans - especially for less mainstream properties like Hellboy - to support the big projects. That is one of the cool aspects of these kind of endeavors, that it can bring new fans into the fold.

I look forward to hearing about people discovering Hellboy for the first time after seeing these cartoons. It was one of the unique pleasures I enjoyed about the movie.


Tad, if you continue to be as genuine, informative and fun ot read as you have been to this point you will undoubtedly reach more than just the fans.


Hi Tad- If there is anything that DelToroFilms.com can do to help rev the engine, just let me know. We get a fair amount of traffic at the site (around 300 visitors daily), and I'd love help.


Thanks Parker. Right now just let everyone know that our SDCC panel is Friday morning at 10:30 but check their local listings!!


You got it!!

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