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June 23, 2006


Rob Beckett

Just discovered this fantastic blog, and the insight into the building of this animated epic is a great read.

Much appreciated, keep it coming!


I recently got acceptance into an animation school.
This info is completely insightful and not that I havent realized it by now....
But for the next four years I'm going to draw my ass off and learn stuff like this, as well as technical issues.
I guess what I'm trying to say is...It may be boring...but it is the nitty gritty...The important process details that make a professional animation run in the end..so..
THANKS TAD, have an awesome break..Im sure you deserve it...

P.S..is this your last official post as you mentioned previously?


"Exciting stuff" is all relative. I've been following this blog for a while now, and just wanted to say that it's been really entertaining to follow even the most technical aspects of your production. I work on a much smaller direct to video project over here in new york, and our timeline has roughly paralelled yours. It's oddly theraputic too see talented, rational folk deal with and overcome some of the same issues that ravage your work day. We're currently neck deep in retakes, and will probably be calling much more in the foreseeable future. (Not everyone is fortunate enough to work with MadHouse.)

Well, just wanted to leave my two cents. Keep posting, and thanks a lot.

Steven E Gordon

We ended up doing a lot of our retiming on the Avid to avoid too many additional retakes - I assume you did that also (or will be doing that), but if your timing director gave 8x for a hit you might want to talk to him about that. That's way too slow...


While this one might not qualify as "meat" to many readers, I find all this insight priceless and utterly facinating. I've done some hand-drawn, computer, and stop motion animations and I relied on trial and error. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. This kind of information lets me know why. Those that find this trite or boring can wait for the "official" site to open. To me, this is as official as I need. Keep it coming!


I never realized that sort of thing went on. I'm astonished.
I just got into more animation type stuff with 'you know what program' and I'm growing the capacity to work with rigged models.


Exciting Stuff Indeed!
As a self taught animator working on my first film I love all the info on your blog. Please keep it coming!

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