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June 07, 2006


Jason C.

I recently found about the Hellboy animated films and this blog and I cant be mroe excited. It looks like you guys are going to do a awesome job.

Hope we can hear samples of the music when they get done, or almost done.


Wow...I can feel my brain becoming smarter...you always have very insightful entries, dude.

and yeah i'd like to hear samples to.


Me too! Can't wait to hear the music...
And so they're going with the heads huh? I was hoping they would. It is one of my mignola favorites
Ditto' Insightful as always Tad...
P.S It appears there are bamboo trees in the background of Hb fighting the heads...Im sure thats going to be a visual mind blower


Does that sort of 'clearing space' in the soundtrack extend to voices, too? In my copy of the Rankin-Bass 'Hobbit,' for instance, there are definitely points where I can't tell what the characters are saying because of the music being too loud (well, I could look up what they're saying, because it's in the book, but you know what I mean).

Do human voices have enough frequency range that you have to clear space individually for different actors? I mean, Ron Perlman SOUNDS deep and rumbly, but maybe that's just because human ears are tuned to really small differences in that specific frequency range, and the equipment wouldn't be bothered at all.


The usual rule is to protect dialogue which just means playing it louder than music and effects. Or making sure the effects clear the dialogue.

Joseph White

I like reading your blog for the reason that it helps with some art or storywork Im doing.

You talking about adding in the non tangable ideas and feelings the character are going through when you write for animation or comics really let lose the animal for writting my story.

It allows me to feel that Im doing a professional job instead of running around like a chicken with my head chopped off.

Thanks a bunch!

Im really excited to see the movies!


I've been following this blog for a little while, and I have to say it's really interesting to witness the animation process in progress.

I happen to be a huge Hellboy fan, so I'll probably get both the Hellboy animated movies on DVD as soon as they come out.

Since you're doing sound effects and music now, does that mean you'll be doing the voice acting soon, or did you already do it? I've always wondered about that.


Voice recording is done first, ideally so that the storyboard artists can hear the acting as they draw. Unfortunately, that didn't happen much on this project.

But during production, we'll change or add a line (or sequence). We'll record a temp track for the animators and then the actors will dub those lines to picture.


wicked cool Tad...
But when can we expect the next update..
Im anxious to see one last sneak peek before I head off for summer vacation where no computer exists
If not..who cares...It'll make the wait worth while im sure. Just like the Island.

el seth

Okay, I'm way late on this, but what are the chances HB is saying "How's that?" in that last shot? I'm thinking pretty decent. Also, it looks awesome.

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