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June 01, 2006


Joseph White

Every time you reveal a little more it makes me want to see it a whole lot more!

keep up with the posts Im salivating!



great....can't wait
Tad do you watch samurai jack?
There is an episode thats based in Japan and revolves around a haunted house. Its a fantastic episode....
If Hellboy is anything like it Ill surely love it.


I really like the insight presented here. The Hellboy page is a wonderful example of Mike's incredible pacing and use of panels to lend a cinematic flow and a sense of mystery to the story. All how he pushes for just a little more in his comics.

Likewise, your example of the "ghost dissolve" shows the same intent to not settle for the tried and true but to keep the approach fresh. It is this level of detail that seperates the great anomation from the simply good.


Hmm.. cant get the MECHANICAL MONSTERS link to work... curious to see what you where linking to Tad.. Fleischer's Superman series is one of my all time favorites.


I put in a new link to Mechanical Monsters so try again.

I haven't seen the Samurai Jack haunted house episode, at least it doesnt ring a bell with me.



again..thank you on the animation tips and progress...when again the animated series gonna come out?


Well... have no worries. Im sure this animation is going to be more kickass

And come to think of it there were no bats with spider eyes in samurai jack...so I think your good on that plane :P


Thanks for taking the time to do this blog, Tad. It has been consistently entertaining and educational! It's neat to see the process of production of an animated project, and it's cool to see Hellboy as the case study!!

It's going to be smashing! Right Hand Of Doom-type smashing!


I have those old Supermans. Not much story but visually stunning.

I haven't seen the haunted house episode either, but SJ is one of those series that makes an effort to do things in interesting ways, rather than just continually subreferencing earlier toons.


I stumbled upon this on the Wizard site...
It focuses on Conan and Mike Mignola..But it branches off and provides some nice insight to the game, the movie and the animated cartoon...


Im really looking forward to being slapped in the face with all this Hellboy stuff :)


Great article, hb. Thanks for the link.

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