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June 21, 2006



Jeez! Glad to now there is much on the way in terms of stuff...
* long whistle of wonder *
Well I guess after San Diego is when things are going to really heat up, so irate fans or not, we'll have to just continue waiting. And btw I've posted on many Hellboy related boards. I don't think I've ever come across any hardcore Nay-sayers, not once. IN that fashion it is ironic that such a title as HELLboy draws such well mannered fans...
once again Tad thanks for keeping this up and I for one will keep a vigilante eye for your next post :) and any possible image of Hellboy in a tutu. ha ha


P.S I immediately saw the evil eye with the jagged nose, the hoof, HBs distinguished hand and forehead, a gun being fired, and some nasty looking teeth...
But can anybody tell me what in the heck is that gold bubble thing?!
I say an explosion of some sort but who knows ( oh wait. Tad knows..:P)


haha..jeez posting like crazy but I just recently came upon THIS


Hellboy video game video and screenshots!!!

Personal Opinion: Disapointed...
I had hoped HB would take after the comics much much more...I.e like the french comic based game XIII
And movement doesnt seem up to par...too cartoonish.
Either way. Its beautifully rendered and gameplay will ultimately determine whether ill consider it or not


I'm a big Hellboy fan, and have been looking forward to these animated movies for awhile, hearing that Madhouse is doing the animation made me giggle with glee. I've seen some of their past work and it was top notch, and definately worthy of theatrical release. (which would be awsome, I know I'd see all 3 in theaters ^_^ )

David Petersen

consider me teased


Another...intrest peaking entry, Tad. Looking forward to more inside info once SDCC comes and goes. Can you give us any hints as to the Animated Hellboy presence at San Diego this year? I won't be there but it would give me one more reason to hate my job.

Have a great vacation!

Jack Downs (Jack Ups)

Really lookin good now cant wait to see and own these!


Hellboy the animated series should be on adult swim since it is a cartoon and probaly only pg-13 rated.

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