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May 30, 2006



Interesting info, Tad. Thanks for sharing some of the details of production in general.



And I can't wait to see you step up the content on this blog too...as you said though...
After San Diego comicon....


The Batman Begins DVD comment was a joke. Right?


? How so? I did get the DVD for my birthday. I did pay attention to the extras to see if there were ideas for our DVD. And finally, we do want to load up our DVDs with extras.

Now if I had said "Batman and Robin" it'd be a joke.

Not seeing the problem, Spyda.

Matt Jones

Hi Tad, I've been following your HELLBOY production blog with great interest. Fabulous looking artwork - the show's going to be gorgeous. I'm an animation director in London & wonder whether you need help on your TITLE SEQUENCE ? we have a CG build of HELLBOY here as a test.


Tim Draayer

Happy Birthday, Tad! It was my birthday yesterday.

I've been reading your blog for awhile know and have really enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing more about the production as I've always enjoyed hearing all about that stuff. Kudos!


Great stuff. Thanks for the scripts link.


Also, Tad, if you like Hodgson, check out the DC Vertigo adaptation of 'The House on the Borderland,' by Richard Corben and Simon Revelstroke. Great super-creepy artwork.


Speaking of pitches, suppose I had one for some hypothetical future HB show. Where would I send that? Other than 'straight to Hell'...

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