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May 26, 2006


Patrick Schoenmaker

Oow, that looks so cool. Thanks for the update. Could you post a pic of that Abe statue one of these days? Cipriano did a great job on Hellboy.


coolest meany ever!!!
This will be the tussel of a lifetime I'm sure!
Great job, and can't wait to see more...


"...and the San Diego Comicon is the place to be for Hellboy fans."


Blasted work!

Anyhow, glad to know there is more cool Hellboy swag heading our way. The Gentle Giant bust-ups sound nice.

The bat-thing is awesome! I like the use of spider eyes to give it a scarier look. And the updates are always appreciated, Tad.


Abe is being smoothed out and painted. Check the Dark Horse Hellboy Zone in a couple of weeks. There's no exact timetable that I'm aware of but they were pretty quick to get the Hellboy sculpt up.

As to the con - I hope that between this blog and the official site, you'll get all the news and maybe even some video clips.

Here's hoping!


just a question...
I've discovered that Mike is going to be in Toronto at the end of summer...


Do artists usually promote their side projects when at these conventions?
Can I expect to see any HB animated stuff?
Might he be signing?
And just how popular is this mysterious genius behind Hellboy? Long lines?

Truth is I've only been to one big comic book convention, and that was when I was on a trip in Spain ( and I stumbled on it by accident ) But they were store owners, and not the actual artists.

If anyone can answer that would be great. I mean I'm going either way because it is the MAN himself but sneak peeks at the animated stuff would be great as well.Thanks


oh haha...
BTW its my birthday today! WOOOOOO
I just wish the dvd were out so I could get the bestest pwesent eva :(


Well, it's MY birthday too and I was here first! And I wish the DVDs were out too!
Happy birthday, hb.

I'm sure Mike will be happy to talk about Hellboy Animated and everything else he's working on. There will be no official Hellboy Animated presentation, that'll be at San Diego Comicon.

There are long lines sometimes at San Diego but many times you can just walk up to his booth and say, "Hi." Buy a trade paperback you don't have and have him sign it. Smaller conventions are low key and there's plenty of time to chat. Just be polite!

Enjoy the con!


wow cool!..same b-day huh?
Well no worries.. I'm sure Mike is a nice guy so I'll be polite like a nice little fanboy:P
I was always suprised when first seeing him on the Hellboy movie DVD extras...
He seems like an average cool guy ....

who just happened to come up with this idea of a demon from hell who fights evil in all shape and form

Anyways, thanks for the advice Tad. Happy B-day and Good Luck!!!

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