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April 23, 2006



I don't know why, but the little "they fire rapidly" bit scribbled in on the bottom amuses the heck out of me.


the entire emphasis on 'the moment'
gives me the feeling that this sequence
might be in slow motion ( which would probably look really good )
I also like the fact that both liz and abe are handling weapons ( their both human afterall ) although I hope they get more time for using their 'special qualities' in the films.
Hope it is epic music. That always works.........as does Elton Jhon :P


Hey, I didn't realize until now (and maybe you've already said it) : are the movies shot in HD format?
In any case, you seem to be doing an awesome job. Can't wait to see the finished movies.
And that's pretty nice to have this blog to keep us fans informed. Really, that's a nice thing to do. Keep up the good work.

gerald miller

What kind of weapons do they
use in the sequence?45s or
9s.What make?Does Abe shoot
with one arm or does he
hold the gun with the left
hand cupped under the weapon?



Hooray for a non-wimpy Abe!


lol! Gerald!...you want to know what underpants they have on too?
I think they may just have the conventional B.P.R.D weapons which are essentially made up
i.e Hellboys canon hand gun

Helen Chavez

Well, like Gerald, I like the little details - in the movie, the Samaritan is a 22mil., would you believe. I'm reckoning Abe's will be a 9 mil although I prefer a 45 m'self. And I love that Abe gets to kick butt sumpin' fierce.


Couldn't agree more...But I was refering to the comic book.....
And although it may be based on an existing sidearm, it is definetely not
' on the market '
I wonder what they are shooting at?


Dude they look like thery’re seriously whipping someone’s ass! Woot can't wait
<>< Pyro Fish

gerald miller

Actually I was comparing them to the Smith & Wesson 9mm
and 45mm that I own.

They actually look like
Glocks. I would not be surprised if the BPRD
used Glocks.


I hope to put up a post on props but those are indeed based on Glocks.

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