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April 14, 2006



Thanks for the heads-up on the new collection. Methinks I've still got some dough left on a gift card.


I like the pics I've seen of the statue. It has such a distinct look and feel all it's own but still makes me think Hellboy (not easy with such an established "look" that we have all come to expect of HB courtesy of Mr Mignola). It is a little pricey (...must...save...now). BUT, I am glad they are looking into ranging the prices to make some stuff for those already wiped poor by previous Big Red Merchandise onslaughts.

As for the movie updates, someone may have to lay the final product on my grave as I fear my head may explode in gleeful anticipation!


I'm probably not bang on the dot for this quote but one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard came from his lips...

' If you were to insult Guillermo you would call him fat...but if you were to praise him you would say he has to be that size to make up for the enormity of his heart'

Jhon Hurt, on Guillermo Del Toro from Hellboy DVD

Anyways, thats great and if you liked the first one theres no way I won't. And i agree in terms of pricing on upcoming stuff. Im loaded down with hellboy stuff already!
keep it up. Im dying of anticipation as well.


A wonderful report Tad.
I really like the comparison of Hurt's "moment" bringing him "up a little and to the left".

I am really excited about the movies!


I can tell that you are having lots of fun working on the movie!.

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