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April 08, 2006



Sorry the pop up is so big on the background. I'm not working on a computer with Photoshop so it is what it is.


hey no worries, I'm sure the rest of it looks just as good as that creepy giant head staring back at me...
Its got some nice detail and once again...
I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see some animation


Really! Here you guys are talking about second and third movies and all I want to see is the pilot. Man, I wish I worked in that Holywood Studio though, it would be like a dream job!

Kim Larsen

Sort of an of-topic question... : Screw-On Head!!! -What's the deal with that? I have been searching the net the last couple of months, andwhat you just said is more than I have been able to find. You say the pilot is already finished? -Which animationhouse did it? -Do you have ANY kind of information to share on it?
(I know you're not part of that job, but you ARE an insider in the business ... right?) :)


Tad, do you ever think you are too close to this project? I read your posts about it and can see you agonizing over every little detail. This current one in particular. It is like the Justice League series you mentioned, they ALL look great to you but the guys putting it together wince at some of the stuff - and you are a professional! So imagine how this whole thing is going to wash with the average Hellfan on the street? I for one am excited as all get-out just to see this thing happen. I'm thrilled to the dickens that you are involved along with Mike. And, had it not even been a joke, I would have been there when Hellboy sang a little Elton John song to Helldog - though I doubt it would have been my favorite part ;)
Anyway, don't freak out, sir. What I enjoy so much about the various aspects of Hellboy are the fact that they ARE various. And different. Each one a facet of the whole Hellboy experience. There will always be purists that will nitpick everything non-Mignola. But this is not for them.
Enjoy this special time, my friend. Don't freak out. We're with you because we know you are doing the job with the same passion and love that we would if we could.
I can't wait...it's going to be one wild ride.





Kim -- Screw-on Head talk: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?t=64115

Kirk -- of course I'm too close. And there's a part of me that realizes that even if 99% of Hellboy fans love it, I'll still be nitpicking things that I wish were better. But it's better than I get tension headaches than slack off and say, "whatever."

The production of the first movie is where all the bumps are found and get straightened out for the second movie. A third picture would have the huge benefit of the learning curve that happens as soon as you receive footage back from overseas.


isn't that what animation is all about?
Saying oh..I could've done that or fixed that....
But you learn from it, so it's not completely useless.
Here's hoping for a third installment..

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