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April 01, 2006



I'm sorry. The drawing at the top is Will Ryan and you may have guessed that the photo is of Phil Baron. I'll add a current "reunion" photo to the Hell Crew photo album after the recording session next week.

Kim Larsen

... Hellboy ... singing ... ???
SINGING ?!?!?!?!

Kim Larsen

... oh God, please, please, please let this be one of those april first thingys ...


Every year I tell myself that I won't fall for any April Fools gags, and every year I do...well played, Tad. Tho I wouldn't mind getting something free on iTunes 2 weeks before the con, like some background orchestrals...Keep that part :)


Anung Un Rama!
What a wonderful phrase
Anung Un Rama!
Ain't no passing craze

It means Armageddon
And the end of our days
It's your prophecied
Anung Un Rama!

Drop me a line if you'd like me to work up more lyrics.


Jeez, I think I just turned white as a sheet. 'Atsa good joke you had going there. Heh heh. Joke...right?

So people think of Motorhead when they read Hellboy, huh? I'm not so sure about that.

Dean Martin, sure.
Motorhead, not so much.


OK, you got me. Beautifully done, sir.

In my defense, I have a small child and am forced to endure the Phil Collins 'Tarzan' soundtrack on a far-too-regular basis, so I'm paranoid about this sort of thing. Although I'll cop to enjoying the scat singing on the jazz number while the gorillas destroy the camp.

But so help me, if there's a Hellboy-growing-up montage, my blood will be on your hands...

Who am I, tell me
Where'd this stone hand come from?
Who am I, I know
It's like I don't fit in at a-ha-wa-aaall!


I eagerly await next year's touring company of "Hellboy On Ice".

Heck, I'll even volunteer to drive the Zamboni.

Chad Kerychuk

Oh man. Of all the things today, this is the only one that had me fooled for a few minutes. Perhaps because I'm actually reading it on the 2nd.

I was thinking to myself: 'songs in Hellboy? What the??'

I'll admit to liking the Phil Collins Tarzan though. I think it worked well and stands well on its own. However, its certainly not suited to Big Red!


no one should ever sing in Hellboy lest it be a creepy incantation that only hellboy can understand..
good one Tad, had me going there...
By the way, is the music anything like in the movie ?

dave griz

This is the last straw. First casting Robin Williams as Hellboy, then that lesbian scene with Kate and Liz... and now singing!? I've already cancelled my future Hellboy & BPRD reservations and am telling friends to do the same. I'm also organizing a protest at the local comic book store and in the process of setting up a website at www.stopREDsinging.com.

You guys have ruined a perfectly good character/franchise. I hope you can sleep at night.


No, Dave! Please don't organize the boycott! We're trying our best and sometimes we get a little carried away. We'll take out every thing you don't like.

Absolutely everything.


(But can we talk about the Liz and Kate thing first?)

Kim Larsen

Liz and Kate ... hhmmmmm ... how come I never thought of that?

Royce Day

Liz and Kate? And you speak as if this is a BAD thing? :)

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