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March 25, 2006



Tad... could you contact me directly?

I'd love to be able to book someone involved with the animated Hellboy project to talk about the movies on our radio show.


The animated movie "The Avengers" was available for sale prior to its expected airing on Cartoon Network. Will the Hellboy movies be available for purchase in a similar fashion? ... Thanks. And keep up the good work, Tad.

Jeff Harris

Howdy, Mr. Stone. I didn't mean to intrude or anything when I posted that at the site. I just wanted to get something from CN other than "We're bringing new stuff to Toonami" but not exactly saying WHAT they're bringing like they did at the upfronts this year (they basically talked about their own in-house productions mostly this year and spilling outside acquisitions to sites like Newsarama and TXB).

Again, I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes in going past you and the crew straight to the network. Heck, the Hellboy movies are probably some of the projects I'm looking forward to the most, mostly because I'm shocked that a project with the word "Hell" attached to it is airing on a block like Toonami, which, until recently, has been a little tame in what they can and can't air.

If you have the time, I'd be happy to talk with you directly at the site. Thanks again.

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