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March 18, 2006



Interesting stuff, Tad. This is something I would likely never notice on a conscious level but would aid in the emotional feel of the scenes.


I want to thank you for posting all this process stuff. It's a real education. Will you be doing any of the DVD commentary tracks?


The DVD extras haven't been nailed down but the talk has been to have Mike and I do a commentary track. The other extras may actually focus on the comics.


darnit why is it so small?
Well the colour thing is one reason is the colour thing, the other must be to torture me.
Even so I can make out small details.
One of the most eye catching is
the sixth panel in the first row...those wolves could not get any more Mike Mignola and now I'm positive his 'world' will be expressed in some form or another within the animation


oh man. sry bout the typo. s'early


Well, the colors look very cool and moody to me... nicely done. I'm just really glad you guys are the one's working on this... just caring so much about the colorschemes will help, even if you can't spend months/weeks/days on them like you might want to.

Also, it's a treat to see the little teeny-tiny panels... you've got some very cool poses and composition in there...

I couldn't be more excited.

Thank you for the (needed) update! (I know I needed it!)

Rick Cortes.

The more I see behind-the-scenes material, the more I want to see a book on the production of this show (let along the show itself!). Any plans for that in the future?

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