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March 23, 2006



I'd say that's definitely a pretty solid interperetation of the character, and I'm excited to hear that Hurt will be providing the voice. He was excellent in the movie. You guys seem to be doing everything right! How can it be that something as awesome as an animated Hellboy movie is going right?


This animated version looks kinda like Price.

Helen Chavez

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that Mr. Hurt is voicing Broom. Perfection. I also always loved the Anglicising of Bruttenholm's name as 'Broom', it's a lovely nod to the idiosyncracies of the polyglot language that is 'English'. I loved Kevin Trainor's stint as 'Young Broom' in the film, so it will be interesting to hear James Arnold Taylor in the role - and if Doug says he's good, then he's gooooood ...

I like the interpretation of Animated Broom, and I know Mr Hurt will bring the warmth and intelligence that was so much a part of Movie Broom to his animated alter ego. I for one am tickled to bits about how everything is just falling into place. It feels so right.


Yeah, from my outside point of view, you guys are making the right choices, over and over again; honoring both the comic AND the movie.

This balance can't be that easy, but it sure is looking good from here.

I'm just hoping that the story will be nice and rich.


s'funny how up till this point I've been completely satisfied with the characters...
this was sort of shocking for me, and I'm not as enthusiastic about his design..
but i think suttle differences might help...i.e glasses, or cane
either way it's pretty damn close
Good job


I didn't even recognize Hurt in V untill I read about him later. Spooky. Anyway, this is awesome news.

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