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March 25, 2006



I know what it is! Oh, don't we feel special.

Helen Chavez

Yes!! Woo Hoo!! (Hugs self gleefully)


YES YES YES!!!!...domo origato mr.tad....
for those who are in touch with the comics and still don't know...
go back and re-read your Right Hand of Doom TPB's...and if your not in touch with the comic.....
what the heck's wrong with you?!
Your killing me Tad, but at the same time I'm sure everyones very grateful for these updates....JAPAN!..yes..i figured the samurai sword in hellboys hand gave it away a bit but now that it's confirmed...awesome


Must tell you how cool
this is, Tad, but how can I?
Ooh! A bad haiku

Kim Larsen

YEAH!!! Hellboy's going to JAPAN !!! :D


I liked the episode with the heads... It's one of my favourite episodes. Then I'm curious to see how it can be "expanded"...


Yeah, the expanding is the interesting part....
Tads mentioned stuff in earlier posts that I haven't seen in Hellboy comics.i.e a giant spider so I think as focused as the movies will be on adaptations from the comic there will be an equal amount of original stuff put in there as well.


Heads are going to roll!

This is great! The only Hellboy story that made me and my wife both laugh out loud.


Sometimes you guys jump to conclusions. I'm not saying that anything you said is specifically wrong but sometimes you jump to conclusions.


thanks Tad




P.S. King Kong is out on DVD tommorow~!!!
Just a reminder for Tad ( perchance he was to busy with the project and mighthave forgotten )
But the main point I'm mentioning this :
Here's hours and hours worth of entertainment to keep everyone's mind ( except for Tads ) off the Hellboy Animation for a bit.


Tad-san arigato gosaimasu!^^ Hellboy in Japan in the samurai's country!The storie with the seven heads who are biting The big Red !Keep continue the colors respect perfectly the worldin the comics novel.


i think Tad was hinting not to get our hopes up for that particular story being adapted directly....so...you know.......
don;t get your hopes up.
BUT..he's still in Japan!!!!!!


Or... maybe... could it be... the infamous Vampire Cat of Kyoto?

So cool. Now I feel mildly vindicated for my previous long rambling post about water babies and Buddhist folklore.


Hmmm... cryptic! But awesome!


Hmm. I dunno that Kyoto cat would have to look and be pretty badass to take on Hellboy I'd say.....

Paul Chadwick

Great teases on this blog, Tad. The production values look great. Can't wait to see the finished shows.


Hi, Paul!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Chadwick, creator of Concrete (the character published by Dark Horse Comics, not the building material). Thanks for the compliments, I've never been so proud and so nervous about any project as much as this one.


Wait, you're not gonna be retelling establish Hellboy stories are you? I thought the reason for the whole cartoon was to do new stories.

Marc Hodge

I think all we know so far is that the first story takes place in Japan, and may or may not involve the Heads storyline. Also, if you remember the Hellboy animated tryouts, Mike Weiringo included a Tengu which is a creature from Japanese folklore, so we can proably expect Hellboy to encounter this creature.


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