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February 18, 2006


Helen Chavez

Hmmm ... as one of the complainees that we didn't have a picture of Mr Stones on the blog album, then I'm happy to see he listens. Although I DO have my suspicions that he is a clone not only because of the beverage beside him but also due to the total lack of any kind of decoration on his shirt. Has he gone *gasp* monochromatic??? The new pad looks cool though.

Although, we in the museum industry have been exposing our plumbing for years. And you can take that any way you wish.

Hmm, what could be embarrassing yet fun and exciting? Colour me curious ...



Nice to see the new digs. congrats! Looks good...glad to see there is plenty of Hellboy "clutter" to inspire.

As to the cryptic comment at the end...curiouser and curiouser.

Alessandro Gomes de Carvalho

Very Good your illustrations! Congratulations! Muito legal o seu estúdio e sua estrutura! Parabéns!


Won't notice it if they do, will if they won't, plus it'll be embarassing.
I'm saying that they remembered at the last minute that Hellboy needed pants.


Well, congratz on the move. Now, hopefully, the way will be clear for some more tidbits about this Hellboy you're toiling on. I like what I see so far... just give us some new news.

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