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February 25, 2006



GREAT! Kate's actually one of my favorite characters; I like how she's so normal (in a sense) when you have people like Abe and Roger running around. She gives the audience a rope of normality to grab on to. I definitely approve her voice, too, she fits nicely. Good job! :D


I have to agree with Siona. Kate has always been one of my favorites. She seems like a very grounded character and I especially like her in The Wolves of St. August.

Helen Chavez

Always been a huge fan of Ms. Gilpin's, and she's perfect for the feisty, down-to-earth Kate - one of my favourite characters. Most excellent casting. Yes indeedy.

Tang Lee

Kate's my favourite character, this is the first time I've heard that she was overlooked by fans. Although she only appears briefly in Hellboy, she adds so much emotional weight to the story. And the shot of her in Wake when she said "I don't know what you mean", man, that just broke my heart.
-Tang Lee

Tang Lee

sorry, I made a mistake, it wasn't in Wake, but in Box Full of Evil.

Kim Larsen

YES!!! First of all Kate's in this one - HURRAY!!! I didn't understand why Del Toro left her out of the movie. Kate is great because she dosen't start fires, wield a giant stone hand or swims with the fishies ... she's just "normal", and has this great job because she's earned it by studing - not by being born a "freak".
Oh, and where did you get that "Kate was often overlooked by fans" ??? :)

Kim Larsen

Oh ... with all my enthusiasm about Kate being in this, I forgot to say that I'm actually not all that wild about here design ... she looks a bit too young to have all the experience she has. I've always seen Kate as beeing in the beginning of her 30's ... -She looks a bit too teenish.
Oh well ... I'm still happy she's in this! :)


Great ! Kate is one of my favourite characters, too. I missed her a lot in the Hellboy movie (and I didn't like the Hellboy-Kate romance was replaced by a Hellboy-Liz romance, but who cares ?)...


That´s we know as a good job. We write the Hellboy animated project in tumbaabierta.com the spanish fantastic portal. Best regards, and good luck.

Rick Cortes.

Kate made the fan-chosen boxed set of PVC figures a few years ago. (I certainly voted for her.) Glad to see she's integral to the animated movies! Although it would have been fun to play up her thicker-than-Liz body shape. :)



A little youngish and not as round as I'd have loved her to be for Kate, but I'm just too glad to see her realised.

You're the man Tad.

Tang Lee

I agree with the above mentioned comments, Kate looks a little too young and thin, but on the plus side, her jacket still gives her that cool Mignola bullet-shaped silhouette.


Sorry, but this is not Kate Corrigan.


Niiice. Always happy to see another new HB-verse character reach another medium. And excellent voice casting. I can't wait to hear her bantering with Ron, Selma, and Doug. Anyways, again, sweet news. Thanks for the update, Tad!

Jakob Westman

Was Kate also designed by Sean? I don't see so much of his style in her.


Good casting, I say. Kate is really one of those characters that brings a bit more humanity to the team. Everything else is so intensive and almost over-the-top, while Kate really is down to earth. I can definitely see Peri Gilpin doing a good voicejob as Kate!


Glad to see all the Kate Corrigan fans. Kate is still "thicker" when compared to Liz. She does look young because being subtle about age is hard to pull off in animation design. One wrinkle line under the eye and the character can suddenly look 60. Kate seemed to grow younger in the comics, looking roughest in Wolves of St. August.

Yes, she was designed by Sean but it was one of his earliest designs and he wasn't happy with it until Greg Guler did a version over his.


The voice casting is awesome. I still can't get my head around the design.

dany boom

I still can't get my head around the design.

Sorry, but this is not Kate Corrigan.

i agree wholeheartedly.

youre turning everybody into a bunch of flippin' teenages. i guess thas your demographic, right ? and who you want to sell toys to ?

this is not the hellboy i adore. its something else.

a shame.


Design-wise this is definitely a different Hellboy. I think that's been clear from day one. Story-wise I think this is as close as anything that Mike hasn't written completely on his own. And of course, we wrote the stories together with me deferring to him.

And for the record, on the subject of demographics, I've never been one to think that the only way to interest any given target audience is to write stories about people the same age. It's the whole misguided boy sidekick thing, originally added for kids to identify with. When playing superheroes, do kids really want to be Robin instead of Batman?

And I'll be surprised if there are any Kate toys.

dany boom

tad, your well- reasoned replies always make my posts look like those of a ranting maniac.

i hear you about the "target audience " argument - i think its bunk myself. but can you honestly say youre not skewering this torward a young audience ? and that you were not under pressure to do so ?



I think she looks fine, and Peri Gilpin is a great pick for the voice.


If Hellboy Animated was being made for a younger audience I wouldn't include half the blood that we do now.

Honestly, the only pressure that has been put on me, other than from our loyal fans, is to make Hellboy's dialogue as funny as in the live action movie and to move his entrance earlier in the first picture. That's it.


People definetely have to understand that this isn't a direct representation and anyone who has seen good animation will understand why certain simplified changes were made. i.e Hellboy has eyebrows...That's so he can provide better facial expressions. And the whole young-look is truly to make things easier in terms of animation as Tad says.
What will really determine the popularity and age of HB, liz, Abe and kate will lie in their voices and movement ....trust me.
I'm just happy Hellboy didn't go anime and that this cartoon is being made by such a talented lot in the first place. Keep up the good work.Can't wait.


Kate rules. Sweet design. Glad she's in the show.

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