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February 25, 2006


Kim Larsen

Hurray for miscalculations - Now we get more of Abe and Liz!!! :) Now ... how much you got to miscalculate to get Roger in this thing??? :)


If you get Roger into the second one then you will unto a God. A God of... Hellboy animation. Yes.

Helen Chavez

Huzza for more Abe and Liz!! Amazing how things that originally bite you in the bum can turn into a blessing in disguise. Does that mean Ron, Doug et al will have to come back in to record more dialogue? Oh ... wait ... maybe you can't say.

Still, it all sounds thoroughly scrumtious!


Well, if your miscalculation had to have an upside THIS is a good one.
Glad it all worked out ok.


Funny how "making it quick" turns into such a long post. There's no way we'd sneak Roger into a story line just to make it longer. I might have said it before but the story of Roger would merit his own movie and he wouldn't automatically become part of a "team" that goes out on adventures. The comic is called "Hellboy" for a reason and I hope that some future stories will be the big guy going solo. Hmmn, maybe it's time to start planning a BPRD spin off ;)


You are extremely talented in giving SO much information, while at the same time not ruingin any story elements.

THAT'S the kind of "During Production News" that I can really get behind.

Kudos to you, sir


This is a great example of the alchemy of such productions when it comes to being flexible and yet planning everything out.


Anything that means more HB and crew has to be a good thing...


Great news. Keep it coming! :)

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