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January 27, 2006


Kim Larsen

Very nice - does this mean you'll only be using the new HQ in Colorado , and not the old one in Fairfield?


Great job ! My favourite images so far !


I was partial to Fairfield but Mike wanted to use the new HQ. It also provides an easier transition for fans coming from their interest in the movie. It also gives us a stronger agents vs. bureaucracy dynamic which we may play if future stories, assuming there are future stories.

They may work in a big concrete bunker, but they brought their furniture from Fairfield.

David Petersen

WOW!!!! I really love the Hellboy in fall sunlit leaves! Perfect mood and atmosphere.

The new BPRD building really has a nice handle on the mix of Mignola shadow shape, Guy's rooftop tech, and Dave Stewart's metal texture. Bravo Tad and Co, Bravo



Awesome site - you guys are doing amazing work on my most favorite character. Please keep it up -- I also included a sculpt I did a while back, it's 180 degrees from what you guys are doing, but hope you guys get a kick out of it.

You guys rule.


Awesome! I'm glad to see you keeping up-to-date with current events in BPRD/Hellboy comics. Does this mean we might see an appearance of the frog men, or that Abe might know about his past already? :o


Great sculpt, Chris. I like its rawness. So many superhero busts get reworked and smoothed until they lose all character.

Sionna, of course I'm up on the BPRD. I'm a fan! Anyway, character-wise I'd say think of the series as being just before WAKE THE DEVIL. Story-wise it's its own world with the first movie including a published short story in full and the second movie includes scenes out of the aforementioned WtD.


Hey Tad,

Will there eventually be an official HB animated website, where we'll be able to download, say, a larger version of that castle interior as a wallpaper?


An official website is being designed but I doubt that it will go online for a couple of months. Those sorts of things are all about building toward a release date and this is too early. It's supposed to have all sorts of goodies.


Awasome work! Very nice light in the background. Upsetting color palet. I like the cold light and the contrast of the forest with hellboy, Hum stone texture ? The Cavendish manor? No it's too exotic, Some souvenir of Rasputin's evocation in the past? (Perhab's an Ankor evocation) Dont' know exactly where it is but the atmosphere is great...
What about the Cavendish place Did you make a reference to what appened here?
I hope so...


Well, I'll miss the Fairfield building, but I'm glad they kept the furniture.

Lovin' yer work, Tad.



Well, knowning Hellboy's luck with falling through floors and off other structres, lets hope he can keep his footing in the new base.

Don't want him falling off those cliffs.

Dominic Shaw

Cool backgrounds, Tad! Nice gribbly temple/castle looking really good! I'm so disappointed that you're not using Fairfield as the base though, that has to be the only thing I really dislike about the current BPRD setup, it just feels so generic whereas Fairfield had its own character. I know,I know, you can't please 'em all, eh!

yano e

hi, where exactly do you outsource the animation?

Indira Bisht

Beautiful work on a beautiful superhero...loving the awesome work on display..More power to you

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