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January 07, 2006


Dominic Shaw

Hey Tad, all sounding good so far! I was just wonderin what plans you guys had (if any yet?) for the actual release of the films over here in the UK?


As far as I know, the UK release hasn't been determined yet. MIPcom is next month. It's the international market for audiovisual content. I know IDT is planning a booth and presentation package for it so I'm guessing release dates will either be announced there or determined there.


Casting, eh? Can't wait to hear it. Thanks for the update, Tad.

Vicco Lizcano

Hi, the movie, designs and everything you've showed us looks great, I have but one request:

Spanish subtitles, my guess is we won't see these babies here in Mexico and I'd really like to own them.


Would you folks be interested in additional storyboard help any time soon?? And if so, where or who should I be sending samples to??


We're staffed up barring bird flu or the plague. So we're set. If you're an animated professional in the LA area you can submit stuff to Film Roman (the animation union has the address) but there aren't any openings right now.

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