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January 10, 2006



Looks great! It’s reminding me of the backgrounds for Lucasarts’ “Sam & Max” adventure game...perhaps it’s just that hat, which looks like Sam’s.

Now that I think of it, Hellboy Jr. & Max would probably get along pretty well. And by “get along” I mean “leave a horrific swath of chaos, destruction and marshmallow peanuts in their wake”.


Is that Trogdor behind the desk?


Only if someone amputated his big, beefy right arm and no one could get close enough to do that without getting burninated!

morrigane from french team

Great background, in the pur tradition of pulp's office, but with a personnal touch of hellboy's word.Congratulation to the artist.
It remind me, a little the detectiv office in Roger Rabbit;op, but with a such dramatic atmosphere.

This is awasome, good luck boys and be continued !I hope so you 'll succeded in Us. That will permitted the diffusion in Europe.;op

We have Mike mignola in Europe next week.I'll try to speak a ittle (but I think it 'll be very difficult).

morrigane Gobelins's school student in France
The Gobelins is a special school for the animator's job.
Sorry for my bad english, je suis francaise.héhé


Sparky, I thought the exact same thing when I saw it! Looks like Sam & Max.

Dominic shaw

It looks really great! Despite it being a minor departure Mike's own style it still has a good "Hellboy" feel to it! Cool!

Julien Pirou

Great picture ! I can't wait to see the final result ^^ I hope there will be an european release :D

By the way, I don't know if you know a japanese anime called "The Soultaker", but it borrowed a lot from Mignola's style. It doesn't always work that well in animation, but it is interesting to see it.

@ morrigane : ça fait plaisir de voir d'autres français par ici ;)


Y a que des français ici ou quoi ?
(I hope we'll have a french release, then :))
Talking about animes, I find Watanabe's Cowboy bebop and Samurai Champloo have some Mignola sate of mind, in the pace, the directing (I remember del Toro said he watched some Cowboy bebop episodes ont the shooting of his Hellboy adaptation)

And for the backroung : great ? How will you put the chracters in it ? (I mean dealing with their shadows etc.)


that office looks excellent. the colors, especially...very muted...you get the sense that this is a place where someone comes to brood. it makes it look textured and lived-in.

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