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December 22, 2005



Good stuff - this definately feels like Hellboy to me, no question. Can't wait to see this thing in motion! Guess I'll just have to be patient for my favorite pyrokinetic and fishman :) Happy holidays to everyone at Hellboy: Animated! And thanks as always for the update, Tad. Looks sweet as always.


PS) What made you guys decide to give him eyebrows?


The eyebrows weren't a calculated decision but just part of Cheek's design that Mike liked. I found them to be a godsend. I had done plenty of playing around with Hellboy Jr. and found that the only way to give him real expression was to make his brow really rubbery. That doesn't work in a more dramatic cartoon so the brows add subtlety that we can't get with just narrowing his eyes or tilting his head.

And it turns out today isn't a half day.



those inks look great...i had my doubts about the whole "not-like-Mike's-hellboy" design principle...but that hellboy looks like what a cartoon of hellboy should look like.


These look great. The tiny fan-boy inside of me is very happy indeed.


Looks great with shadows... Will the work on the shadows induce other modifications (on background or character design) ?

Thomas Roberts

Looks great so far. The eyebrows were the first thing I noticed too.

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