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December 08, 2005


David Petersen

Wonderful recomendations Tad! John the Ballaeer sounds Great! Fun stuff.

David Server

Cool update, nice to see what goes into the 'Hellboy Stew', so to speak. Also; Abe and Liz before Christmas? Suh-weet! Thanks, Tad!


This blog could be an amazing DVD extra for how the comic book was adapted to animation. Thanks Tad for making this an amazing experience before the launch of the movie/DVD.


Also a common part of Wellman's mythology is the use of St Dunstan (in the Judge Persuivant stories), which we've seen in some Hellboy, notably Box Full of Evil.
Thanks for keeping up with this blog Tad, it's very fun to see what is going into this production as it goes. -Shonokin


Heh--I've read all those books (Hodgson, Wellman, and so forth) after reading about them in interviews with Mignola.

The Hodgson is excellent. He's unjustly forgotten. The Wellman material is also interesting, though I didn't find it quite as compelling myself.

I have to say, though, that I reread Dracula recently, and it just...it just doesn't do it for me. It's achingly slow and, in case you don't remember from when you read it in fifth grade, Van Helsing is not so much an ass-kicking mofo (Van Helsing w/ Hugh Jackman) or borderline psychopath (Bram Stoker's Dracula) as he is a crazy old man who talks a lot. I mean, a LOT. He speechifies. He pontificates. And so forth.

But anyway, different strokes &c. I prefer Frankenstein myself, but that's a snoozer to plenty of people too.


Hodgson was my favorite discovery too. I think people may find Dracula slow because they know so much of the story, distorted or not.

We're talking some neat extras for the blog, many of them comic centric. There will also be a full website that this blog will be linked to.


Great stuff, Tad.

The narrative through
"correspondence" in Dracula is tough for a lot of people these days... We've gotten so used to digesting stories visually. The detached past tense tends to be, well... obtuse, maybe?

It's funny, I have all those Howard Conan paperbacks with the Frazetta covers. I wouldn't be where I'm sitting if it weren't for those covers. They lured me to fantasy \ horror \ sci-fi too.

Mike and I were talking one time about who influenced us and I mentioned my trinity -- Burroughs, Howard and Lovecraft. I asked which which books he read for most of his ideas...and he said, "I just read the back of the paperbacks." He explained they usually provide a paragraph of teasing description of all the good stuff inside. I realize Hellboy is like that... It's chalk full of all the good stuff. Only the good stuff.


this is a great opportunity to get a look inside at the creative process...as much as i can't wait to see the final product, it is a thrill getting a peek into what the larval stages are like as they happen. very cool.

anyone know the name of the production house this is coming through, and if they'll be picking up any other projects between their hellboy efforts?


ok, i'm an idiot...so IDT is the production company here...at any rate, its the second question i'm still curious about...


There is no "between" on the Hellboy projects. This weekend I'm already going over the second draft script of the second movie. The crew moves from the first to the second without a break. But do a Google treasure hunt for IDT horror and IDT superhero and you'll find SPAWN, STAN LEE, Rob Zombie's Superbeasto and more. The company seems to think there's a great market for sf/fantasy of all sorts.

Royce Day

If I could be so bold, I might recommend some additional reading for you. Kenneth Hite's excellent "Suppressed Transmission" collumns for Pyramid Online http://www.sjgames.com/pyramid/login/ (warning: subscription site) are wonderful resources for various wierd conspiracies, odd histories, and strange events, and how to tie them together into almost *anything*. The collumms are availible in the Pyramid archives, and have also been collected into two print editions availible at Warehouse 23 http://www.warehouse23.com/item.html?id=SJG3005


ahh, i gotcha. thanks tad. i'll take a gander at what google has to offer on IDT.


Tad, did IDT have anything to do with the revamped He-Man cartoon a couple years ago?


I had a comic book when I was a kid that was clearly an adaptation of one of those Sargasso Sea stories. It had the giant crabs and whatnot in it, and it was completely awesome and hugely influential upon me. Unfortunately, I don't know where it went, though its probably still somewhere among the boxes and boxes of comics that I have back home.

I need to track down the original stories now that I know who wrote them. Where's a good place to start?


I've never read Hodgson, but I was *just* thinking about Wellman as a potential source for the series. The plots of the stories are not the compelling part. It's the music and the musical way the people talk that would translate so well to animation. That and the uniquely bizarre critters, from "The Desrick on Yandro" in particular. Rafe Enoch the giant would be cool as well.

Daniel Ross has a great Wellman website


and a folk singer named Joe Betancourt has recorded a bunch of Wellman's songs



For some visual inspiration on Wellman-type settings, look up the photos of Shelby Lee Adams. More over-the-top than Walker Evans even. There's a good documentary about him.

ISBN 0767058100
ISBN/ISSN 767685956731
Shelby Lee Adams has been photographing the eastern Kentucky Appalachian mountain people for thirty years, and been both praised and derided for his portraits of impoverished Appalachian families. Accused of perpetuating stereotypes, Adams is said to exploit his subjects; this documentary explores the controversy. The director allows Adams, his critics and the subjects of his work to speak their minds.

Sorry so pushy. I'm excited. That picture from the Baen collection, with the succubus draped across Silver John, has been burning a hole in my mind-pockets for years.

Dominic Shaw

Hi Tad! I just heard about this today and had to come and find out more, it's great that you're keeping the fans informed. I do like the look of Hellboy so far, my only concerns are how much of Hellboy's world and how much of the mythos will translate across to the show, I mean will it be Hellboy does Ghostbusters? I have to admit that despite my best attempts to separate the film from the comics I still loathe it for the way it turned HB into some kind of Marvel superhero (amongst other things!). Anyway I wish you the best of luck!!


Just today I had a discussion of why Liz Sherman is not the Human Torch and that Abe Sapien is not Aquaman. There's a tendency, because of the superhero trappings of the characters, to expect them to do the same things that are seen in Teen Titans or Justice League, both great shows, both not Hellboy. Liz hates using her fire except in the smallest of ways because she can lose control because it feels so good to release it. Unless Abe is in water, he's just another agent, stronger and tougher than most but just an agent. Hellboy is something else entirely and I think the second movie begins to examine that.

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