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December 23, 2005


Gale  Caswell

OOOh. Cool.
Have a scary Christmas.


Wanna know how the monster and superhero hating aliens I created deal with their enemies?

Usually they just blast away at them with anti-matter bombs or lasers.



i agree about the nebulousness of the mythic/horror world...as per neil gaiman's blog a few days ago (re: flamethrower post): it is the mystery that stays with you, not the explanation.


Great comic strip! I'm still laughing...


That absolute deadpan "it's a living" attitude about the extraordinary was one of the things that made Ghostbusters funny (and Men in Black, for that matter). Somehow it never worked for me in Buffy, where it rang too snarky.

The sound effects of the dice in your strip reminded me of a question that's only relevant in animation. When HB walks, do his hooves go "click click click," like a goat or a woman in heels, or "clop, clop, clop" like a horse? And does he ever wear little cleft-toed ninja booties when he wants to be quiet? Just curious...


Sound effects? Whoa, I love working with sound in post but hadn't thought of his footsteps. Well, he definitely won't be sounding like a woman in high heels. But look closely at his feet and you'll find Hellboy doesn't walk on his hooves. At least not in the way of a goat or horse. He has human feet up to the point of the toes. That's where the hooves start. Who knows what that will sound like?

My main worry would be doing something "accurate" that ends up being distracting.

Good question!


Oh, nobody includes sound (heels, boots, dog-claws) except at those points where it will enhance the mood, and that's as it should be. In fact, I always liked the way Genndy Tartakovsky used silence in Samurai Jack.

And you're right, HB definitely has knees and heels instead of hocks. It's hard to tell how he walks sometimes, because Mignola usually puts his feet in shadow unless he's in midair, leaping or being blown up. I had always assumed he was balanced up on his toes.

Thanks for answering.


Another great post, Tad! And you made me very happy by including a GHOSTBUSTERS quote.

"You are so kind for helping that man."
"I don't think he's human."

Toren Atkinson

My roommate is the world's biggest Ghostbusters fan. Or at least Canada's. His website is http://www.protoncharging.com/ghostbusters/

That is how we met. I used to tape Real Ghostbusters when it first aired in the 80's. As a gamer I enjoy monster stats and classifications, and I used to draw the different ghosts from the show and tried to fit them into the different classes. Fun stuff. I know it isn't important for storytelling, but I do enjoy that Dan Aykroyd supernatural technobabble!

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