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November 12, 2005


Patrick Schoenmaker

Man, I wish you guys the best of luck with this. Please, don't screw it up. I am already enjoying reading every single word of this blog.

Keith Holven

Everything sounds fantastic!! Can't wait to see more!

David Davis

I have complete confidence in this, it's something I've been wanting ever since I first discovered the joy that is Hellboy.

Looking forward to learning more.

Mike Elsner

Please, please tell me that Ron Perlman is doing the voice? He still does voice over works for other cartoons, so I don't think it's "below him."

David Petersen

I like the breakdowns of Mignolaisms, Tad. Truely those elements tell hellboy stories. I think your understanding of that will only make the product better

Evan Erwin

Wow, fantastic stuff! Love the blog and the ideas. Can't wait to see/read/hear more!


Yep that's a bit more interesting and reassuring than the previous artworks... But how separate the fore and background like Mignola does without his huge black shadows ? Well I hope you'll find a way... Perhaps thinking Sergio Leone for the shots tempo, the place of characters in frame...


Reading this post it hits me why I love the art of Mignola so much. You know, sometimes you just need it put in words for you.

And also it hits me how similar Mignola's comics are to japanese comics. Comics of the western world normaly doesn't play around with frames and time etc. like japanese. But Mignola does. Not necessarily the same way they do but he's tweaking the same stuff for the same effect.

I think Hellboy would fit quite well in an extraordinairy modest anime. But I think and hope that's not what you're doing. But I also hope you're not exluding that type of storytelling either.
Good luck!

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