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November 10, 2005


David Petersen

Wonderful intro Mr. Stones. I anticipate reading the progress of the project!!

Seth Lombardi

Awesome, Mr. Stones.

Helen Chavez

Lookin' gooood ... I can't wait for the rest!

Matthew Barrios

Hi Tad,
I too am a big fan of Mike and Hellboy and like you I worked on some animated pilots for the Mouse House as an animatics editor. I would love, love love, love, love, love, love, to work on this project. I am finishing up work on season five of Family Guy and I will be available. The Hellboy character design is absolutely awesome. I am drooling like a fanboy just looking at it. This project rocks!!!!


Glad you're back producing a new series!

And congrats on CDRR coming out on DVD!


fantastic update! i can't wait to see the finished only question is, will there be a 2nd live action hb film?


Wow, I can hardly wait. Congratulations, this will be such a fine project!!!


Incredible. Unbelieavable. 'Animation world' (i.e. 'The Suits') will never learn -- what did they say - 'Why do we need antagonists?'. WHY DO WE NEED DRAMA, STORYTELLING, ENTERTAINMENT? I used to be a cartoonist, worked in animation even and left the field[s] in disgust, not to return... But YOU, Mr Stones, raise hope for the medium and those working in there. Personally, I always saw Bruce Timm as The Guy to adapt Hellboy for the animation, but you appear to be quite a distinguished choice. Good luck & all the best!

marilyne a big fan

hi congluation for your movies when i saw the movie for the first time i'm conpletely fall in love with Red so i have poster and sticker and all of hellboy and i want to know if a hellboy 2 will appears in the theater? pleas answer to my question! bye bye and good luck!
p.s is Red a real person (but with makeup) or invented by computer?

Tad Stones

We have nothing to do with the Hellboy live action production. Check the Del Toro fansite for info. It's one of the links.

Hellboy was played by Ron Perlman in make-up.

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