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November 16, 2005


dany boom

you dont say why it was thrown out... story chnages ?

it is a beautiful drawing to be sure. but listen - track down that series called the maxx, i beg you. youll see lots of ways you can achieve a great effect with a minimal amount of pencil mileage.

just like mignolas comic work, there is maximum effect, graphically, with subtle stylized imagery and lots and lots of black. black is your friend...

you think im crazy, a negative nelly, but the way to make an effective show is not lots of doodling and noodling. its by believing in the power of your source material. those mignol guides are exactly what im talking about, theyre great.

its all in the comics, its right there in front of you. knock of this disney baloney and get back to basics.

look at samurai jack, too. but PLEASE try and see this thing called the maxx, made for mtv, i think. not sure its on dvd.



lover of hellboy

David Davis

That design is really fantastic.

Being someone who wishes to get into the animation field, I find this blog to be wonderful, keep up the good work.


First : thanks for making this blog, it is really interesting to be part of the process. How many people will work on this project ? How much time do you have to finish it ?

Second : keep on posting as often !


Dany, let it go dude. Quit trying to single-handedly change the way the HB animated team are working. They're operating with Mignola's blessing, so- like it or not- it's not going to be a moving version of the HB comic. The team are working hard on this, and it looks really promising... so again, leave them be, willya?

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