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Tad Stones has produced and/or created seven animated series and five direct to video movies, among them: CHIP 'N DALE'S RESCUE RANGERS, DARKWING DUCK, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND, DISNEY'S HERCULES THE TV SHOW, ATLANTIS II: MILO'S RETURN and THE ADVENTURES OF BRER RABBIT, two HELLBOY ANIMATED films and TUROK: SON OF STONE. He also was the creative lead and director of the Netflix Original Series, KULIPARI: AN ARMY OF FROGS for Fall of 2016.

Tad first pitched Hellboy as a prime time animated series around 1996, maybe earlier! Finally his dream turned real...or was it a nightmare?????

No, pretty much a dream. Tad wrote the script for a third Hellboy Animated movie which remains unproduced. He then was the Supervising Producer/Director of Turok: Son of Stone.

Hellboy Jr. sculpture by Maija Graham


learning gouache painting, podcasts, writing, comics, the paranormal, radio drama, his family and the creative process.