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First, love Darkwing, use to wear a DW waist belt/pouch in 5th grade (did you get paid off of things like that)?

2nd, insightful site. Never truly considered pitching a show but once I did, gathered alot of info about the prcess from here & similar sites.

Finally, a questIon... I wanted some details on the process. I emailed a 1-sheet to various agencies on the SWG website, and finally got a response. Is that 90% of the battle right there? No response from almost everyone. We've talked several times, I've NOW submitted my bible, adding things where requested (e.g. 2nd/3rd ep scripts). Now that I've emailed a PDF of the entire bible, the agent says he's going to reach out to a group he knows that does cartoon production. Having no experience in the biz, I've always figured the agent goes directly to the network FIRST, then (if interested) the network gets "their own" production studio/team involved. There could be numerous paths between, "agent shows interest" and "network exec shows interest." Could you expound from experience?

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