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I am going to say "Yes, I can do that" this week. Let's see how much trouble you get me into. ;)

so its true.. what i've heard about the way disney works.
as a young animator ( im still young compared to veterans in the industry) there was always this dream to get into disney and work with andreas deja, henn and glen keane.
i used to literally open up those freshly ordered books ( art of tarzan, illusion of life) that arrived at our studio library.. where they would lie for months waiting for someone to touch them..
one deep sniff and i would close my eyes and imagine standing there in one of those disney animation rooms with paper flipping sounds all around.

i heard disney has got a revamp with lasseter onboard...and i saw some cool new plans for the themeparks.. and then 'princess and the frog' tradtional 2d.
its simply away from even a wild guess..whats disney upto ?

loved reading your article as usual and nice sketches.. you make me remember those old marvel comic days of 80's.. i used to get lucky sometimes to see these on the streets in second hand road stalls when i was a kid.( rocket racoon, etc)

thanks again for showing my works to mike. im so greatful to you.
im doing an 8 pager with some styles of my own...a fan book as you may say and i will be sending them to you and mike.
just a token of appreciation .. the least that i can do.

have a great day every day


thanks for telling me what 'kirby dots/krackles' are..
i just leant that theres a name for that technique...remember i used it around rasputin in my last sketch of hellboy ?
this is the what learning means ...thanks a ton


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