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the more you post...the more it sync so well with my contemporary learning.
remember? you adviced me to start working on my own stuff..
i am ...infact i was....
but then what kept me away was the age old question..
" i can narrate the story to myself and anybody around but how do i 'write' the whole stuff"
where to start from...?"
above all.." how do i write stuff to make it appealing to the reader..without loosing the feel of what i have to tell"

your article points to the right direction..
infact to tell you the truth.. i didnt lik the first hellboy book ( john byrne) one as much as the other ones where the writing came directly from mike..
i guess it makes all the difference to have the creator write the story ...and then have an editor give his/ her opinion to it..
as you said, the one man symphony doesn more magic..

keep writing tad...
very inspiring and thank you for all your insights.


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