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The Ben Caldwell art for this is great. I like the princess too. She has a good Han Solo vibe. It would have been a lot of fun!

This would be a great project for you and Ben.

I hope Warners realize that this would be best as an animated project and not live action.

Thanks. To clarify, WB isn't considering Thundarr as a live action movie as far as I know. It's in the development queue for Bruce Timm's DVD team. I think the idea of them going wild on a post-apocalyptic Conan riff is drool inducing.

It's funny how we envision some of our childhood cartoons as amazing, and then we see them again years later and it's like "Wait... what?" It's happened to me a few times, but hey... if it leads to really neat recreations, then maybe it's a good thing the old cartoons aren't as perfect as we remembered them.

This looked like it would've been a great remake. It was really interesting reading the process you went through... I don't think I've ever seen a show pitch, up until now!

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